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Is physical therapy right for you?
  • The answer is Yes if you have a condition that is restricting your ability to perform your daily activities.
  • There are many approaches that can be taken to help improve and return you to normal activities with limited to no restrictions.
Does your facility accept my health insurance?
  • We participate in the majority of major health insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid and Worker’s Compensation.
  • Please contact us prior to your first visit to see if we participate with your specific health plan.
Does your facility submit claims to my insurance company?
  • As a service to our patients, we will gladly file claims with your insurance company on your behalf. In order to appropriately submit these claims, we will need to obtain a copy of your insurance identification card and drivers license to ensure that we have the necessary information.
Do I need a referral for physical therapy by my physician?
  • Yes. A physician referral is required by your health insurance plan for you to be seen by a licensed therapist.
  • We also offer treatment options, services and/or products that do NOT require a referral and are available on a self pay basis.
Do I have a choice where I can go for physical therapy?
  • Yes. The choice of where you receive therapy is always yours.
  • While the majority of our patients come to us by physician referral/recommendation, many clients request to see us due to our strong clinical reputation in the community.
What will my first physical therapy visit consist of?
  • Your therapist will conduct an evaluation and review of recommendations of your condition. This will last about 60 minutes.
  • This evaluation is necessary to create a program designed specifically to address your needs for a maximum recovery.
What do I need to wear?
  • We recommend comfortable clothing such as sweatpants or shorts, a T-shirt or tank-top and sneakers.
What do I need to bring on my first physical therapy visit?
  • Referral slip from your medical doctor
  • Your medical insurance card
  • Your ID
  • If you are getting therapy as a result of a worker’s compensation claim or an automobile accident, you will also need to bring your claim information, including claim number.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early on your first visit to fill out any necessary paperwork.
How long is each physical therapy visit?
  • Each visit will last 60–90 minutes on average. Times vary due to the treatments and exercises being performed.
How often and how long do I go to physical therapy for treatment?
  • The regularity of your visits will be determined by your physician and physical therapist after your initial evaluation, but most patients have 3 visits each week for 4-6 weeks.
  • More or less treatment may be needed due to your physical condition and diagnosis.
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